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Furry Takeover
Alien Invasion

September 16th-18th, 2022
Taking over Fontana Dam, North Carolina!

Transparency For Attendees

Furry Takeover is a camping style convention located in the mountains, with very little to no cell service. There is wifi at the lodge and some areas around the resort. You will need to rely on your transportation in order to get around the resort for different events. We leave a lot of the day hours open so that our attendees can go out and enjoy the resort, rivers, lakes, amazing driving roads, and much more!

A person in partial fursuit hugging a tree

What is FTO?

Furry Takeover was established in 2018, holding the first event during the weekend of August 24-26. Unlike a traditional convention, FTO largely takes place in the scenic outdoors of Fontana Dam. Here, not only can you have fun as your furry self by fursuiting or hanging out, but you can also enjoy all the amenities and beauty of the natural setting in this primarily outdoor con.

Join us for fun by the bonfire, playing minigolf, enjoying movie nights with friends, or just relaxing in nature! There's always lots to do and plenty of furries to hang out with. We hope you will join us in seeing just what makes Furry Takeover so much fun!

Convention Info

FTO 2022 Schedule

See the complete line up of events for this year's meet. Copies of the schedule will be handed out at registration and can be downloaded on the events page.