At the Convention


From the moment you show up, you will probably feel a little overloaded. Relax!

Make sure to check in with the staff and get yourself situated wherever you are staying for the con. Then, be sure to check out the schedule so that you can see where you can go to be a part of the fun! You should always follow the two golden rules to surviving and having fun at a convention:


~The “6-2-1” Rule: Get six good hours of sleep each night, eat two good meals each day, and take one good shower each morning.

~ Drink Lots of Water!


The most important thing, though, is to have fun! Go out of your way to talk to others. Attend events you hadn’t planned on attending. Patronize the artists set up in the Dealer's Den.

Stay Healthy/Safe


There will be plenty of events to take part in over the course of the convention, so take your time and enjoy yourself! 


We can’t stress enough the importance of getting enough sleep, eating good meals, and drinking lots of water. Failure to do these things will weaken your immune system, leaving you susceptible to illnesses. You don't want to feel bad while at a convention, so remember to take care of yourself! Take frequent breaks between panels, maybe visit the dealer's den/artist alley, or grab you some food.

If you have any problems while at the convention, find the nearest staffer! They can get you in contact with the right people to help you resolve the situation.

Fursuiter Etiquette


There’s no need to feel uncomfortable around all the big costume animal characters, known as fursuiters, who will be wandering around the convention. Feel free to go up to them and say “Hi”, and be share to fursuit pictures in our "FurSuit Pics" channel on Discord as well as on social media.

Treat the Staff Well


Furry Takeover is an all-volunteer effort. No staff member, from the CEO down, earns any income from the convention and in fact, many spend their own money to be there working during the weekend. Be nice to them, and they will return the favor! Have a sense of humor during the weekend!

Provide Feedback!


Furry Takeover values and appreciates the feedback of our attendees. Look at the ‘contact us’ page to see where your comment might best go.