Dealers DEN
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Dealer registration does not include the registration to the convention. You must pre-register separately.


North Carolina Sales Tax:


The NC sales tax for the location of the FTO convention this year is 7%. All dealers are required to register with the state to receive a Tax ID number and then report your collection of sales tax at the end of the convention. They accept payment via debit/credit card or bank draft.

All of this can be done on-line via the state websites.


To register, go here:


To report and pay taxes, go here:


For more information that is easy to follow, you can go here:

Dealer's Den Rules


1. Tables must be kept as they are in the room. Please do not move them.


2. All your merchandise must be contained on your table. Please do not encroach on another's space/table. If you do, you will be asked to move your items back onto your table


3. Do not hang things on the walls. If you cause damage to hotel property, you will be held



4. Currently, we do not allow the sale of smoking paraphernalia or adult items that are intended

for sexual use. No other adult-themed items are allowed except for flat art/prints. All adult art must be kept in a binder/folder clearly marked for 18+. Genitalia and female nipples should be covered with post-notes to prevent minors from accidentally seeing adult art. You are responsible for preventing minors from viewing adult art. They will be wearing a badge that is clearly marked.


5. Annoying/loud displays will not be tolerated. Flashing lights are not allowed on displays. Do not burn incense in the room.


6. No smoking or vaping inside the hotel or Dealer’s Room.


7. All shelving units used to display goods on tables must be safe and stable. They will be inspected by Staff to ensure the safety of our guests.


8. No weapons (sharp swords and knives) may be sold in the dealer’s room. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for costume props and will need to be cleared through convention staff first. 


9. Dealers are not allowed to sell food, drinks, or candy. This is a hotel policy


10. All dealers are required to report sales tax according to NC tax laws. This will be the responsibility of each dealer.




Artist Alley Policies


Similar to Dealer's Den, artists can choose to sign up for a spot at Artist Alley for Furry Takeover. Spots for Artist Alley are available for the whole weekend (Friday - Sunday) of the con. You can register for Artist Alley from the same link as the Dealer's Den registration.


Updates to rules / policies coming soon.

 We hope to see lots of artist talent at Furry Takeover this year!