Schedule for FurryTakeover 2021

We have a lot of different activities planned for Furry Takeover. Please enjoy the different panels and vendors who will be present during the convention.


Artist Alley/Dealer Den's opens officially Friday, September 17th at 10:00 am and will be open until 5 PM daily. Game Rooms will open starting each day at 10:00 AM and close at 5 PM as well.


Just a few of our events

Tie dye for those that bought the con tshirt

Bonfire with free hot dogs and mashmellows everynight

Movie night with popcorn 

Furries and coffee every morning 

Dealers Den

Artist Alley

Fursuit and non fursuit putt putt

D&D one shot (still need a DM)

Nerf war, bring your nerf guns and join us!

Nature walk (still need a host)


One night werewolf

Beginners guide to being a furry

Fursuitting 101

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